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What a Kennedy Thinks – Bernie

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Yes Bernie Sanders has the youth vote, he does. But if you notice at his rallies, it is the white young americans supporting him. The sea of white is astounding and as much as people are saying oh it will be easy for him to get the African American and Hispanic Vote, again it is a lot of talk and not a lot of evidence. I get it people want change, but I am still unclear how he will do that. Whenever I post something saying that maybe, just maybe Bernie isn’t the best choice, his supporters throw hypothetical facts my way. That when you really dig, it is alot of talk of FREE COLLEGE, FREE HEALTHCARE and for those in my age range we are going to pay for it. His plan for free college is to pull from our 401K’s. That doesn’t help either. The millennials are the loudest supporter of the Bern. But they are also the ones that are not the backbone just yet of the United States. Us middle agers are and we will be sending our kids to college in about 10 years. Sure I want it to be free, but I also want my 401K in tact so I can pay for college if need be if they are not going to a community college or state school or maybe have a retirement. oooh what a concept. I am not saying Bernie should never be President. Not at all, but does he really represent the Democratic party? He has always said he is Independent, so RUN like an Independent, not on the coattails of the Democratic Party. This article is very interesting and Bern supporters cannot wait for you to send me endless words screaming Bern is the best man, but I just don’t buy it and if he does get elected god help him with congress and the senate, you think OBAMA had a hard time. Hold on…..



Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Time”

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Time is fleeting but also static. I saw so many people who I hadn’t in years and for the most part no time had past.

It gave me a great sense of stability, knowing this. In times of trouble, who can you turn to and you pick up exactly where you left off?

Who can you count on, in those dark times, to share laughter with you, to take the weight off your shoulders, to make the unbearable, bearable?

I am so grateful for all the love around me and for now the heart that felt empty is fuller.