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Never Forget, Never Again.

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The anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz  is important.

For the LGBT community it is imperative that we never forget, and also never again. With the horror of the Nazi annihilation of people of different persuasions and interests, it is important to remember that those wearing the pink triangle (badges on the uniforms denoting homosexuals) were subject to harsh and brutal treatment almost before those wearing yellow stars (denoting Jews).
 Ultimately everyone was murdered. but I think it is vital for students, and for history to realize that the 6 million statistic includes gypsies, political prisoners, and gay people as well.
Imagine, after years of torture, deprivation, squalid living conditions, the flicker of hope in the eyes of those prisoners.
Imagine the pit of despair, to be re-arrested, and sent back into certain Hell.
That happened to the majority of gay people.
Can it happen again? Certainly.
We have news that the radical group ISIS, bound two men, and threw them to their deaths from a high tower to a courtyard below.
Love and tolerance must be our guide.
I, personally, will never forget. And I will teach, NEVER AGAIN.
- Paul

Help me I’m Drowning….In Receipts, by Mary Kennedy

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Money fear, some of us have it, some of us don’t.

When I talk about money, I get sweaty on the bottom of my feet, my mind races and then I think about hug circles. For those that know me, I am not a hugger, so the fear is so large, I have to vacate my mind to of all places, a hug circle? Really?

As tax season approaches, I am soothed in the fact that there are professionals out there, that deal with this all the time. We just had Donald J. Anspaugh, Jr on the show from Daddy Don Tax Service and he made this seem as easy, as well, the Staples Easy button, which by the way he has in his office.

As a freelance employee (actor, comic, teacher, talk show host etc..), I have receipts that could wallpaper the Washington Monument. I keep everything, I look a little bit like I belong in the show, Hoarders.

What I learned is, it is easier to organize this mess, than be buried by it. That will help when you ultimately meet with a tax preparer.

So take a deep breath everyone out there and start organizing your money life, much like you would your linen closet. One towel or receipt at a time and then pat yourself on the back, when your refund let’s you take a vacation or buy a pair of shoes you have been eyeing. Then use that shoebox to keep your receipts for this year. It is never too early to prepare.

Need a tax preparer, go to www.daddydon.com. Tax Day is April 15, 2015.

Also watch our January 22 episode where we “Talk Taxes”.

– Mary

FANCY DINNER PARTY-Anti-Vaxxers are all the Rage.

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Parents by not vaccinating you put us all at risk. This article is a great one, really exposing the damages of parents playing doctor. In some cases I get it your kid will have an amazing allergic reaction or in some rare cases seizures. 1% I have done the research. But for the rest of you who from the rooftops scream how forward thinking you are for not vaccinating your kids, hold on I think you do it because you want to be part of the elite. This isn’t high school or a garden party it is affecting your kids and other kids health, with disastrous results.

Why are parents living in most affluent parts of Los Angeles, refusing to vaccinate? I truly believe and this is my opinion, people want to get on the bandwagon of what everyone else is doing. This becomes an awful game of telephone. Bottom line as a parent, we run around with hand sanitizer and wipes dangling like earrings off our ears trying not to get the flu and then when a threat of MEASLES, MEASLES a disease that through proper vaccination we didn’t see forever, comes back, you still REFUSE to vaccinate your children??? A disease that started in the 9th century!!! It is maddening!

So what gives parents, is it more important to be the talk of a fancy dinner party? That you and Dr. McCarthy are combating the evils of vaccinations one kid at a time? Is it that you are misinformed that vaccinations cause autism? Is that you are happy following the herd? Tell me, because most of us out here in post BLACK PLAGUE times, look at you like you are nuts and we don’t want you playing with our kids on a playdate, because gallons of hand sanitzer won’t work if my infant baby gets Measles. Our kids could end up dead. Not a great story to talk about at your next dinner party.

Yeah I am mad about this, really mad and other parents are too, STOP THE NONSENSE NOW!!!

– Mary

Wealthy L.A. Schools’ Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan’s