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What a Kennedy Thinks – All the Trump Ladies

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I cannot remain silent any longer. With the holiday and spring break, I have been not ranting as much, but hold on, here we go. These women according to CNN are highly educated and meet monthly to discuss politics in the Tucson area. Educated? What? One woman when responding to ‪#‎trump‬ trash talking a woman by talking about her “period”, she said, “I am not sure that was his intended connotation.” What was it then? They go on, by saying well he trash talks men as well. WHY DO WE WANT A PRESIDENT WHO TRASH TALKS???????? Has America been so dumbed down, that we are satisfied with a President, who propels himself through hashtag promotions, bitter tweets and demoralizing our country to everyone who watches? My mother taught me to stand up for myself, to be driven, be educated and be kind. To give back to those who can’t give to themselves. To love deeply, to respect and to be honest til the end. Trump who stands up against the media has manipulated it at every turn for his own twisted use. ‪#‎Obama‬ now is calling the media out for covering the political race, like TMZ covers the the demise of a celebrity’s career (my words not his). The truth is, this political campaign on both sides is a freakin circus. We as a society, need to dust ourselves off and not stand for this crap. I will not keep silent if someone says they are voting for #trump! I will open my mouth, even if it just for me. I will do the same to those ‪#‎bernie‬ supporters, who write things on social media like, “Bernie will rape Hillary in the polls today….” So many of the supporters on both sides, say we don’t support those supporters, well you do! You still stand in solidarity with them, even if you say oh they can’t possible be a #bernie supporter or #trump supporter. THEY ARE!!! By standing with candidates like trump you are a little solider of hateful rhetoric (yes ladies in Tucson, you are these little soliders), that affects our daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and future generations to come. Our daughters ask, “Why does Trump hate women so much?” Our sons ask, “Why are people beating each other up at these rallies?” Why? Because we all let this happen. By saying oh Trump is just Trump, is just like saying, Kids will be Kids. Trump is a bully not a President.



What a Kennedy Thinks – YOU HAVE BEEN DEFRIENDED

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Okay believe it or not, I defriended my first ‪#‎Trump‬ supporter. I am happy to report that the majority of my friends on facebook, are reasonable people. I did not defriend this person just because they support Trump, I defriended her because she is dangerous. Yes Trump has been quoting saying horrible things about women, this one for instance: (FROM TIME) “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” one woman says, quoting a remark Donald Trump made to a female contestant on the Apprentice. This female who supports TRUMP is dangerous because, it makes me think she has no respect for herself and because of that no respect for other women. How can she support Trump? How, is she so disenfranchised with the government, that she is willing to throw the fact that she is a woman out the window? Yep. I hate hypocrites and as a woman if you support #TRUMP you are a hypocrite. So I DEFRIEND you, take that!

What a Kennedy Thinks – Fight Club

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#Trump‬ may be charged with misdemeanor of “inciting a riot” from his behavior in North Carolina. The truth is, he has incited a riot everywhere in the US. He very much Hitler (yes I am making the very scary comparison) is appealing to those people who are themselves bullies, not heard, not understood and now they have someone who is saying the horrible things they feel and say everyday. But the truth is EVERYONE, America has spoken and many people want a BULLY as President. I don’t want a Bully for President, I want someone who can continue what President Obama has set forth with his Presidency. ‪#‎fightclub‬ was a movie, but it is playing out at every rally #Trump has. His press rep, actually said, and I am paraphrasing, #Trump is not inciting a riot, it is those ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter people. Yikes…..Some may think I am bleeding liberal, I am not, I just want someone leading our country, that is good and just. That thinks and considers what is best for the whole. Not someone schilling, Steaks, Water, Wine and Hitler Rhetoric. Who is with me?




What a Kennedy Thinks – Bernie

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Yes Bernie Sanders has the youth vote, he does. But if you notice at his rallies, it is the white young americans supporting him. The sea of white is astounding and as much as people are saying oh it will be easy for him to get the African American and Hispanic Vote, again it is a lot of talk and not a lot of evidence. I get it people want change, but I am still unclear how he will do that. Whenever I post something saying that maybe, just maybe Bernie isn’t the best choice, his supporters throw hypothetical facts my way. That when you really dig, it is alot of talk of FREE COLLEGE, FREE HEALTHCARE and for those in my age range we are going to pay for it. His plan for free college is to pull from our 401K’s. That doesn’t help either. The millennials are the loudest supporter of the Bern. But they are also the ones that are not the backbone just yet of the United States. Us middle agers are and we will be sending our kids to college in about 10 years. Sure I want it to be free, but I also want my 401K in tact so I can pay for college if need be if they are not going to a community college or state school or maybe have a retirement. oooh what a concept. I am not saying Bernie should never be President. Not at all, but does he really represent the Democratic party? He has always said he is Independent, so RUN like an Independent, not on the coattails of the Democratic Party. This article is very interesting and Bern supporters cannot wait for you to send me endless words screaming Bern is the best man, but I just don’t buy it and if he does get elected god help him with congress and the senate, you think OBAMA had a hard time. Hold on…..