About Our Show

About Our Show

Oh, Mary! Radio Show with Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek

Join Hosts Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek with rotating in-studio Guests.

Oh, Mary is a fun, informative, topic and interview driven, radio talk show.  Mary and Paul talk about issues from Education to Fashion, Finance to Travel and Politics to Social Issues, that affect everyone.

Mary and Paul have toured the country making millions laugh from Pacoima to Plainville.  Performing separately and together on the road, now they have the chance on air, to dish about the things America is talking about, with their one of a kind comic twist.

Our fans have said:

“Listening to Oh, Mary! is like having coffee with Mary and Paul.”

“Their Bullying episode, brought me to joyful tears. I felt finally understood.”

“The Brotherly Love show, made me pick up the phone and call my sister, who I hadn’t spoke to in 20 years. Thanks Mary and Paul.”

“Funny, Funny, Funny, Mary and Paul find the comedy in all of their topics. I look forward to listening every Tuesday.”