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From the blog

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Being Zen”

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Being in the Boston area, I am honored to be from this tough New England place. The woman behind the counter at Dunkin, doesn’t take crap from anyone and could care less, what kind of day I am having. I like that about this place. But what I like is that California has given me the room to become zen. There I learned how to meditate, take candlelight yoga, pause and reflect. Do I want a regula coffee while doing this, YES!!!

Being zen got me through the last week. But through the help of this Greatness challenge with Misha Henckel and working with healer Peter Bedard, I felt my mind matched my ease of my body. I was present for everything in the past weeks, some of it was tough, some of it amazing, some of it, was just life.

I don’t know everything, I learned that again during my time away. I wish I remembered this, back to one.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Unknown”

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I don’t do well, not knowing, it makes me nutty. I was with my cousin who is so much like me and we both agreed, we need control, we need our thumb on the pulse of it all. I don’t like handing things over to the universe, don’t like just sitting and not knowing. So what is helpful in the unknown? Stillness, Acceptance, Powerlessness, Being Present and Solace. Solace really hit me in the eyes, Almost a relief. I don’t know it all and I probably don’t want to know all of it. What I do know is I am exactly where I need to be in this moment and I don’t have all the answers.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “What do you hear in the Silence?”

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I don’t do well if I am not going 3000 miles per hour. I am being of service to my gorgeous, amazing, hilarious mom this week. Out west all is taken care of and I can sit here and enjoy a cup of dunkin!

This is the scariest thing I have done all week. Silence with me in my thoughts is a frightening place to be. Once again I am in gratefulness that I can be here and surrender to the unknown.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “surrender”

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How willful are you? Do you think you know best? Well as of late I have had to have the universe, higher power, god etc come in. I don’t know all the answers but can stand in the unknown. Before working with Misha and Peter don’t know if I could stand here without wanting run. But sitting in silence and unknown, seems the right thing to do. To bring in my agenda feels not right. We are powerless.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “When you Finally Like Yourself”

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So grateful to Misha Henckel and Peter Bedard for their help in “clearing” certain thoughts and patterns from my life. Much of it was rooted in the past and doesn’t serve me any longer.

My trip to NYC was a culmination of all this work and when I hit the stage at Broadway Comedy Club, the performance was no longer for me to find some sort of validation from the audience but I was solely there to be of service. To do a job, to make them laugh. I could do this because I was full, I was in my skin, I was whole. Where do you look for validation? Not finding it? Sometimes you have to look within and like yourself.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “We have been extended!!!”

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Like a Broadway show Paul and I are happy to announce this CHALLENGE has been extended with LIFE COACH, Misha Henckel! We are doing so well, she wants to push us further.

In the last month, our careers are soaring, in the last month I have been so busy, doing Comedy for Autism for, been auditioning like crazy and been clearing out my closet literally and figuratively.

I have to say I feel lighter and I am looking lighter, exercising again and eating well.

As I write this, I am off to NYC. Can’t wait to see what next month brings!

Greatness Challenge – Paul – “THINKING”

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So….it’s been a few days…

The hardest part of this challenge is the “thinking” part. My mind races so….and reels has been the most difficult for me to do.
Dressing well is….well…what I do.
Changing my story….second biggest challenge. I have many stories….and since my mind is always working. I’m always working on a story. Exercise has been spotty…but improved.


Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Is Your Life in The Toilet?”

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Well mine is literally! My phone fell in last night before I taped the “Oh, Mary!” show!

But it was a gift, truly a gift! It was great not to be on the grid this morning. I did miss things, but it all worked out! I actually felt more focused than I have been in awhile.

When I thought my life was in the toilet, contacts, connections, pictures, ALL OF IT! But the truth is, when the phone was out of my life, I was living.

Put down your phone, read a real book, maybe not check facebook and see what happens, you will like what you see.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Revenge doesn’t work anymore”

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How many times do we think, if the person that wronged gets what is coming to them, we will feel better?

Well I am here to say it doesn’t work anymore for me.

There are always three sides to a story, your side, their side and the universe’s side. Now as I try to act like a grown up most of the time, I have to see my part of it and my behavior toward someone that wronged me, has been less than stellar and it is getting in my way.

So how does grudges, feelings of revenge, etc…get in your way?

Are you ready to let go? I am.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “When it is Dark”

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Interesting my blog on 10/15 was I will not be SILENT and then I went into hiding this weekend.

I am an upbeat person most of the time, but then things can rock you to the core and then it is harder to get out of that darkness.

Yesterday I wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. I was in a funk but my daughter wanted me to take her to the carnival.

I decided, to say yes and not no and it was exactly what I needed.

I had fun because she had fun. Okay that may sound completely co-dependent, but the truth is, sometimes we can be set free by watching our children be joyous!

When we left the carnival she had a big smile on her face and sighed, “Mom I had fun and thank you!” This kid is great!

What gets you out of a funk? Can you be joyous and free?