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From the blog

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “I won’t be silent”

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I have a big mouth. I do and I am proud of it. Does it get me in trouble, yep! But I won’t remain silent any longer. Hillary Clinton was asked, “Why do you keep talking about Gun Control?” Her reply and it is paraphrased, “We won’t stop talking about it!”

That is how I feel about my life. I can’t play it small anymore, I need to be heard. What I have to say is valid. Some people may disagree with me, tell me to keep quiet, but I won’t, I can’t.

I urge everyone to speak up, speak loud, stand up for what you believe in and live in your personal truth. For the ones in your life, who tell you to keep silent, yell back, NOT ANYMORE.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “When your life gets BIGGER do you get smaller?”

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Misha Henckel, the life coach we are working with for the 30 day Greatness Challenge, said to me at our first meeting, BIGGER is EASIER. SMALLER is HARDER.

She is right. When I am living a BIG life and being completely present, I am moving so effortlessly in my life. Things happen as they should, I feel better, have more focus and am uniquely happy.

But then I think about how well my life is going and I get scared. “When is this jig up?” “When will it be taken away?” But then I stop myself, you are living small again.


So live BIG!

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Is Fear Real or Imagination?”

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October 13

We are doing Paranormal month on the “Oh, Mary!” show. We are talking zombies, ghosts and demons. That is scary enough, but we also scare ourselves daily, even when it isn’t October.

I am trying to live my life without fear. Pushing the limits, being uncomfortable, living in the unknown. I have been sleeping alot. My body and mind are not sure what is going on.

I am reclaiming my life.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Living your Old Story”

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October 12

Many people live in the present, reliving the past. I have done that and it doesn’t serve me anymore. What happened yesterday may inform today, but is not today.

How has living in the past affected your present? Has it caused issues in your marriage, with your kids and in your career?

Many of us connect with people who will hold us back. It keeps us comfortable. Keeps us in the same old, same old. What if for today, you change just a piece of this? Change your story, for just a minute? Really look at yourself in the mirror and see who you are, right in this moment. Anything less, will keep you in the past. Moving forward is hard, but worth the journey.

Greatness Challenge – Paul – “Who Cares?”

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The past few days, I have suffered from “Hey who cares?” syndrome. Moving from one thing to another, I have a very busy life. But I notice the thing is, that I wake up in anxiety. Go to sheer panic.

Going back to step 1 of changing my thoughts is where I am today.

I am grateful for my life. I’m grateful for the students that I teach. I am grateful for the opportunity. I am grateful for Youth Acting Biz.

Mary and I get to do so many amazing things.

Grateful for the success of the “OH, MARY!” Show.

Back to the basics,

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Anger”

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These last 24 hours, have been full of emotion. Interesting how one conversation can sour your mood.

The idea of changing your mind and deciding to be happy, is not always that easy for me. But this morning still in a funk I decided to do that.

I am not angry any longer, but I also admitted my character faults to the person who called me out on them. I think that made the difference.

Are you angry and does it get in your way?

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Uphill Battle?”

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Update 10/9

One of Misha’s steps for the 30 days of greatness, actually 31 because it is Halloween this month, is moving your body.

So today I walked around Lake Balboa, the scenery is beautiful and tranquil, until, I hear huff and puff behind me.

I hate mouth sounds, kissing on film or tv grosses me out and if you swallow too hard, I run for the door.

Well this gentlemen behind me is huffing and puffing, carrying his full size dog on his arm practically crawling up the hill.

Poor guy, I had compassion but the huffing and puffing made me want to run for the hills. The sound??

Well yes, but truly, that is how I lived my life before. Huffing and Puffing the way through with a animal on my back. Not literally but metaphorically that is for sure.

On Fearless Friday, I ask, what animal is on your back and how are you releasing it. It is much easier to say yes to life than no.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – Update 10/8

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I am in the weeds right now, literally as I write this. I have been running all over San Fernando Valley, running errands, going to meetings, trying on clothes, I hate trying on clothes.

Last night I took a bath, yes this is still PG-13 and I hate baths, always have since being a baby.

Water, just sitting there, not sure if I cleaned the tub properly and my mind rushes with everything I have not done. I lay there so vunerable and when I lean my head back I always hit the spicket.

But this time was different I was open to the process, of relaxing and doing some energy clearing. Cleaning up my soul and I ended up enjoying the bath. I am grateful for the bath today, muscles better, I am more centered and grateful, that I am clearing the energy, which has kept me back for so long.

Will I take a bath anytime soon? Probably not, but I am glad it is there and next time, maybe a bubble bath.

What are you completely closed to, that may help?

Greatness Challenge – Mary – Update 10/7

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Today is a big day. Meetings and more meetings. I like to text and email, don’t love face to face. What is that about? I am in a business that face to face is important. I get that. But in my personal life, I like to hide. There I said it. The worst part of a gig is after when I need to talk to everyone.

The anxiety that comes up for me is palatable. I think it holds me back, because it is all about networking. I just hate small talk, HATE IT!!! Feigning interest, smiling, feels so inauthentic.

But it is a part of the biz, so how can I get over this fear and move forward? My career depends on it.

Greatness Challenge – Paul – Update 10/6

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Had a allergic reaction to some food on Saturday afternoon. (Thank goodness Mary is a hypochondriac, I called her and she advised dosage of medicine.

I slept for almost 20 hours…..and the dreams I had! Running down narrow hallways….something behind me….a door! I flung it open and was at the bottom of a huge drained swimming pool, with sharpshooters loading weapons above me. I was not alone. HILLARY CLINTON was running with me and she kept saying to keep seperate, so they didn’t kill us both.

Then, the scene shifted to me watching an auction. Suddenly, they were auctioning off MY STUFF! I was yelling and screaming…..

It’s taken me a bit to get back on the horse….I ran to work on Sunday….fell into a deep sleep….back to work Monday…..and now….

I’m writing to you…..Did I do my 5 Steps? Let’s see…

1. Change your story. YEP! I slept the sleep of the dead for a full day.
2. Change self talk. So groggy….I just kept mumbling…..”Don’t kill me….”
3. Exercise. Running for bus…..(thin….but counts instead of sleep)
4. Dress becomingly Always
5. Out of your comfort zone…….I got out of bed…