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How is it, a single man, (widowed, actually) has so many clothes? I need many for a lot of the things I do, but REALLY! There must be a better way!

A few years ago, I was doodling about on the internet. I came upon a link to “”. What fun I thought, it’s probably an old flight attendant blog. WELL! Imagine my surprise when I was introduced to Marla Cilley, the Flylady. This woman has done more for the home than electricity! I was blown away!
Quite simply, Flylady will help you to get a handle on your life. EVERY AREA! From home maintenance to laundry, to getting the kids ready for school, and GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

As I began to read and absorb some of her suggestions, I found my day moving easily. WHO DOESN’T HAVE ROOM FOR THAT? The root, or base of her suggestions? Routines. Now, I was raised by amazing folks. My mother, grandmother, and aunt were amazing housekeepers. My father was a hoarder. We had a set of harness for a team of four horses. It hung in the garage. For 35 years. After his death, my brother disposed of them.

I fall somewhere in the middle. As a personal assistant to executives, I’m wonderfully organized for YOU, but for myself….not so much. Flylady encourages you to do babysteps. As I did them, I found myself feeling freedom!

Mary and I discussed having Marla on to share with us her amazing success. She is the author of books, one I love, SINK REFLECTIONS. As I checked her website, I saw that she was coming to Southern California for a book signing. I thought I’d extend the invitation in person. OMG! I got to the shopping center, and the line was OUTSIDE the bookstore, and snaked it’s way across the parking lot. MARLA IS A STAR!

As I listened to people, and a diverse crowd it was, middle-aged ladies, younger women, college students, and some older men. The buzz in the crowd was as if we were waiting for a major celebrity.
I managed to get into the store, and was once again, amazed. Such goodwill and gratitude these people had for her. Her techniques, and routines had really changed lives.

When Marla took the mic, the roar was as if I were at a stadium! Poor Flylady had a cold, but knew how important it was to those who had waited for her. Warm and friendly, and so kind. I was charmed! I didn’t want to add to her already hectic day, but I got close enough to wink at her! We contacted Marla, and she came on our show. She is a breath of fresh air, and, such wonderful, simple advice! Changed my life.

– Paul Jacek

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