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Greatness Challenge – Mary – Update 10/8

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I am in the weeds right now, literally as I write this. I have been running all over San Fernando Valley, running errands, going to meetings, trying on clothes, I hate trying on clothes.

Last night I took a bath, yes this is still PG-13 and I hate baths, always have since being a baby.

Water, just sitting there, not sure if I cleaned the tub properly and my mind rushes with everything I have not done. I lay there so vunerable and when I lean my head back I always hit the spicket.

But this time was different I was open to the process, of relaxing and doing some energy clearing. Cleaning up my soul and I ended up enjoying the bath. I am grateful for the bath today, muscles better, I am more centered and grateful, that I am clearing the energy, which has kept me back for so long.

Will I take a bath anytime soon? Probably not, but I am glad it is there and next time, maybe a bubble bath.

What are you completely closed to, that may help?

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