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Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Uphill Battle?”

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Update 10/9

One of Misha’s steps for the 30 days of greatness, actually 31 because it is Halloween this month, is moving your body.

So today I walked around Lake Balboa, the scenery is beautiful and tranquil, until, I hear huff and puff behind me.

I hate mouth sounds, kissing on film or tv grosses me out and if you swallow too hard, I run for the door.

Well this gentlemen behind me is huffing and puffing, carrying his full size dog on his arm practically crawling up the hill.

Poor guy, I had compassion but the huffing and puffing made me want to run for the hills. The sound??

Well yes, but truly, that is how I lived my life before. Huffing and Puffing the way through with a animal on my back. Not literally but metaphorically that is for sure.

On Fearless Friday, I ask, what animal is on your back and how are you releasing it. It is much easier to say yes to life than no.

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