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Greatness Challenge – Mary – “When it is Dark”

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Interesting my blog on 10/15 was I will not be SILENT and then I went into hiding this weekend.

I am an upbeat person most of the time, but then things can rock you to the core and then it is harder to get out of that darkness.

Yesterday I wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. I was in a funk but my daughter wanted me to take her to the carnival.

I decided, to say yes and not no and it was exactly what I needed.

I had fun because she had fun. Okay that may sound completely co-dependent, but the truth is, sometimes we can be set free by watching our children be joyous!

When we left the carnival she had a big smile on her face and sighed, “Mom I had fun and thank you!” This kid is great!

What gets you out of a funk? Can you be joyous and free?

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