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Greatness Challenge – Mary

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October 2, 2015:

Woke up this morning, tired, sore and wondered as I laid in bed, am I up for this challenge?

Hitting snooze three times, I sprung out of bed and said, yes.

Today, shuttled kids to school, I did yoga, made oatmeal, breathed through the tough spots and it is only 9am. Feel really good when I just breathe. What can you do in your life, just a little effort, to improve your life?

October 1, 2015:

I am always up for a challenge, Life Coach, Misha Henckel is bringing us through 30 days of Greatness, every day we need to do something out of our comfort zone. Today we start and as a mom, I am always in a challenge balancing it all. But I do forget myself in the process. How can I find personal balance? Watch our journey, can we make it or will it be too hard and we will try to give up? Follow our journey.

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