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Greatness Challenge – Paul – Update 10/6

No Comments Oh, Mary!


Had a allergic reaction to some food on Saturday afternoon. (Thank goodness Mary is a hypochondriac, I called her and she advised dosage of medicine.

I slept for almost 20 hours…..and the dreams I had! Running down narrow hallways….something behind me….a door! I flung it open and was at the bottom of a huge drained swimming pool, with sharpshooters loading weapons above me. I was not alone. HILLARY CLINTON was running with me and she kept saying to keep seperate, so they didn’t kill us both.

Then, the scene shifted to me watching an auction. Suddenly, they were auctioning off MY STUFF! I was yelling and screaming…..

It’s taken me a bit to get back on the horse….I ran to work on Sunday….fell into a deep sleep….back to work Monday…..and now….

I’m writing to you…..Did I do my 5 Steps? Let’s see…

1. Change your story. YEP! I slept the sleep of the dead for a full day.
2. Change self talk. So groggy….I just kept mumbling…..”Don’t kill me….”
3. Exercise. Running for bus…..(thin….but counts instead of sleep)
4. Dress becomingly Always
5. Out of your comfort zone…….I got out of bed…


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