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Greatness Challenge – Paul

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October 2, 2015:

Doing this in the morning….

Morning is not hard for me. I realize for many it is. I relish the time in the morning.

Step 1 in this new process with Misha, is, CHANGE YOUR THINKING. Well, honey….

My mind seems to start before I open my eyes. How do you “think about your thinking?” It’s like watching a Nascar Race and being a driver at the same time.

It seems to require awareness. What am I thinking? Is that helpful to this new way of living. Do you want to have that feeling that has come from thinking what your are thinking?

So, I am working on changing, in tiny bits, my thinking. Even in the 45 minutes I have been up and awake, I have had to stop and look at my thinking…..

This IS a challenge……

October 1, 2015:


Off on the 30 day challenge with Misha Henckel, Life Coach.

We have steps to take each day, and we check in with Misha by phone, and in person along the way.

I am a veteran of trying everything. I have a few places in my life where my self-will just won’t budge the issue. SO, I am willing to be
willing to take direction and look for a new experience.

Clearing away alot of physical stuff, and emotional stuff is going to be a challenge.

Stay with us. AND….why not do your own “30 day challenge”? Follow along with us and if you want….keep in touch with us and
we all can step forward into our GREATNESS!!!!


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