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Never Forget, Never Again.

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The anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz  is important.

For the LGBT community it is imperative that we never forget, and also never again. With the horror of the Nazi annihilation of people of different persuasions and interests, it is important to remember that those wearing the pink triangle (badges on the uniforms denoting homosexuals) were subject to harsh and brutal treatment almost before those wearing yellow stars (denoting Jews).
 Ultimately everyone was murdered. but I think it is vital for students, and for history to realize that the 6 million statistic includes gypsies, political prisoners, and gay people as well.
Imagine, after years of torture, deprivation, squalid living conditions, the flicker of hope in the eyes of those prisoners.
Imagine the pit of despair, to be re-arrested, and sent back into certain Hell.
That happened to the majority of gay people.
Can it happen again? Certainly.
We have news that the radical group ISIS, bound two men, and threw them to their deaths from a high tower to a courtyard below.
Love and tolerance must be our guide.
I, personally, will never forget. And I will teach, NEVER AGAIN.
– Paul

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