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“Oh, Mary!” Radio Show, Host, Mary Kennedy and Co-Host, Paul Jacek talk about the Radio Sitcom, “Oh, Mary!” Please…

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
    “Oh, Mary!” Radio Fans, get ready for a fun, comedy ride. Host Mary Kennedy and Co-Host Paul Jacek regal you as you listen to the Sitcom recording, of “Oh Mary, Please!” Funny show, funny commentary. What more could you ask for? Well music, by John Paul Cappiello. A great new theme song, BORN TO SING MY SONG! With Brenda DiGiralmo and Norman Horns with Alfonso DiGiralmo. The 1st Episode of three, title “Homecoming” Directed by Shane Salk, Written and Created, by Paul Jacek, Co-Creators, Mary Kennedy and Shane Salk, Executive Producers, Mary Kennedy, Shane Salk and Paul Jacek. Patience happy listeners, two more episodes coming soon. Sales of the Theme Song, proceeds go to the March of Dimes.

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