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Oh, Mary! Show with Hosts Mary Kennedy and Paul Jacek Discuss the Year in Review

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Your New Years resolution, spend it with the “Oh, Mary!” Radio Show. 2013 is upon us, start the year off right and join your hostess, Mary Kennedy and Baby New Year, co-host, Paul Jacek. We reminisce over our fave episodes of the “Oh, Mary!” Radio Show, for 2012. Join us live, on the first day of 2013. Also, did you miss the first two episodes of the Radio Sitcom, “Oh, Mary!” Please??? Well click here, at the very least it is an excuse to take a minute away from work or from your family, that you have been with way too long!!! Archives: 11/20/12 and 12/25/12

We reminisce over our fave episodes of the “Oh, Mary!” Radio Show, for 2012. Some, fave guests mentioned on the show, Phyllis Katz, Robin Tyler, Randy Edelman, Julie Newmar, Steve Bluestein, Faye Resnick, Kyle Richards, Betty Kennedy, Allee Willis, Keith Young, Geri Jewell, Sheena LaTalk, Jennifer Gimenez, Susan Olsen and Joseph Hawkins.

We also have to thank our sub co-hosts who have also helped us along the way, Shawn Pelofsky, John Keating and Karith Foster.

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  1. Celestine - January 24, 2015 3:55 pm

    REMEMBERING WHAT WAS LOST When my son was about 20, the two of us saw Oliver Stone’s JFK. This semi-hysterical film, based on the theories of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, pseitod a conspiracy in the death of President Kennedy. My son asked me about the film’s historicity. I replied that I doubted its historical veracity, but that it caused me to remember what was lost when President Kennedy died. The assassin, I said, stole our future from us. As a 57-year-old male European-American, I certainly believe that the history of the past forty years would have been different had President Kennedy lived. Robert Dallek helped me to understand why I feel that way, and that’s one of the marks of great biography. Americans who were not yet born in 1965 cannot always understand the catastrophe that was Vietnam. It changed America in fundamental ways, prolonging the Cold War, dividing the country in equally fundamental ways, paving the way for the radical Republicanism that now dominates our foreign and domestic policy. Kennedy saw the seeds of all three things in the bitterly divisive debate over Vietnam occurring in his administration in 1963. It caused him to lament that his government was coming apart. Dallek convinces me that, had Kennedy returned alive from Dallas, the President would have ended American involvement in Vietnam.

  2. Oh, Mary! - January 26, 2015 1:44 pm

    Thank you for this comment. What really moves me is the ‘The assassin stole our future from us.” Even though I was not alive at this time, I definitely feel that sentiment from my family from this time. I am second cousins with the Kennedy family and the loss has been felt throughout generations.


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