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Party like it is 1950

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Okay I am done, done, done! The “measles parties” are starting to happen so the ones that aren’t vaccinated can get the measles over with and build up their immunity but being in contact with a kid with measles. The CDC, strongly discourages this. I am horrified that people are now having parties. Yes this was done all the time with Chicken Pox but this is measles. This is not a game. Parents would you throw your kid in front of a truck, just to get it over with? I am so, so angry. The “Oh, Mary!” show is doing a show that airs on Thursday, on the epidemic of not vaccinating and the statistics are staggering of parents who just opt out with no health issue to speak of. This is not a choice of what you want for lunch, it is children’s lives, now we are having parties??????

Here in LA it is commonplace, for people to call you and ask what are you wearing to a party. Paul does it all the time. But this is not some Hollywood party it creates a very dangerous precedent. Some say people did it all the time in the 1950’s. But at that time we didn’t have the vaccination and until recently it was eradicated. Until recently, because of so many opting out, due to hysteria created by those that don’t know, don’t have the facts and still quote that UK doc, Dr. Wakefield, (which his report that autism from vaccinations was complete fraud and RETRACTED). RETRACTED!!!

Forbes magazine asked should we sue parents who don’t vaccinate their kids if they give your kid the measles? I think sometimes people only take notice if you bring the legal system into the equation and it affects their pocketbook.

Seems silly that parents take notice when that happens, but not when their kid is on deaths door. Measles kills. Why would you roll the dice, play roulette with your kid’s life and others?

The “Oh, Mary!” show works hard to present the facts, watch on Thursday, right here at 6:30pm and we hope it changes the hysteria and stops the parties.


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