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Princess Parenting; We are Doomed. By Mary Kennedy

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I have spent many a summer in Portland, Maine and applaud this diner owner at Marcy’s Diner. I am a parent too! Just yesterday, I had an incident where my kids tired from camp had a meltdown at the restaurant we were eating at and I nipped it in the bud. Even threatening to take them out if they didn’t behave.

This two year old in Portland, ME cried for 40 minutes, take the kid out, take the pancakes to go, don’t sit there and make it everyone’s problem. They tried to get them to leave and this owner had, had it! I posted an article awhile back about what I will call “princess parenting” where parents think their kids are princesses and princes, that can do no wrong.

The truth is, to parent this way, sets kids up for failure. I have taught for almost 20 years and I praise my students for jobs well done and where there is room for improvement I discuss that with the parents and students, always. I am not a perfect parent, none of us are, but we rely on technology (I am victim to this) to fill the time with our kids and I think that has affected being present to parent. I think disciplining has also gotten a bad wrap, to discipline is not to bully. It is there to set a structure for one to learn from.

When I coach our showbiz kids at Youth Acting Biz, discipline is key, to make it in this business. At a casting workshop last night, the casting director said we watch the behavior in the waiting room very closely. So behave! For kids to behave parents have to parent! What you do at home, affects what happens in the classroom, if your kid rules the roost, they will want to rule it in the classroom, at a kid’s party and in a diner.

This kid is two, I get it, two year olds yell and scream, so as parents, you have to step in and solve the problem. Or the Diner owner in her Maine accent is going to say enough is enough. End of story.

Portland Diner

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