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What a Kennedy Thinks – All the Trump Ladies

1 Comment Oh, Mary!

I cannot remain silent any longer. With the holiday and spring break, I have been not ranting as much, but hold on, here we go. These women according to CNN are highly educated and meet monthly to discuss politics in the Tucson area. Educated? What? One woman when responding to ‪#‎trump‬ trash talking a woman by talking about her “period”, she said, “I am not sure that was his intended connotation.” What was it then? They go on, by saying well he trash talks men as well. WHY DO WE WANT A PRESIDENT WHO TRASH TALKS???????? Has America been so dumbed down, that we are satisfied with a President, who propels himself through hashtag promotions, bitter tweets and demoralizing our country to everyone who watches? My mother taught me to stand up for myself, to be driven, be educated and be kind. To give back to those who can’t give to themselves. To love deeply, to respect and to be honest til the end. Trump who stands up against the media has manipulated it at every turn for his own twisted use. ‪#‎Obama‬ now is calling the media out for covering the political race, like TMZ covers the the demise of a celebrity’s career (my words not his). The truth is, this political campaign on both sides is a freakin circus. We as a society, need to dust ourselves off and not stand for this crap. I will not keep silent if someone says they are voting for #trump! I will open my mouth, even if it just for me. I will do the same to those ‪#‎bernie‬ supporters, who write things on social media like, “Bernie will rape Hillary in the polls today….” So many of the supporters on both sides, say we don’t support those supporters, well you do! You still stand in solidarity with them, even if you say oh they can’t possible be a #bernie supporter or #trump supporter. THEY ARE!!! By standing with candidates like trump you are a little solider of hateful rhetoric (yes ladies in Tucson, you are these little soliders), that affects our daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and future generations to come. Our daughters ask, “Why does Trump hate women so much?” Our sons ask, “Why are people beating each other up at these rallies?” Why? Because we all let this happen. By saying oh Trump is just Trump, is just like saying, Kids will be Kids. Trump is a bully not a President.

1 comment

  1. Liza - March 30, 2016 8:35 am

    Well said, Mary! I agree with you 100%. Trump is a bully and not Presidential material. We MUST get Dems and Liberals to VOTE in EVERY election, not just Presidential elections. We MUST take back the House and Senate. And a Caesar Salad is what you make of it, despite what Paul says. It’s a free country. At least for now!


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