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What A Kennedy Thinks – The Death of Brangelina

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This Kennedy is horrified that the #brangelinabreakup was the top news story yesterday! What about the horrible shootings in Tulsa and North Carolina. Hey what about the federal charges against, the man who bombed NYC and New Jersey? But, no they got the top spot and sadly I am spending time talking about it as well. WHY???? Because what horrifies me equally is people are measuring their marriages by whether or not hollywood couples stay together.

To quote Tess Rodham Rafferty “marriage is hard”. I also mention it in here too and guess what, it is even harder for a hollywood power couple, who let’s all be honest started while he was married to Jennifer Aniston. But that is none of my business, really nothing of this is. But to watch people actually mourning the loss of these two, holy crap, get a life. I am not going to send your the 7th stages of grief, instead I will send you my therapists number. YIKES!!! So watch this video blog for some laughs and a reality check. I am not wearing make up (I know Lipstick) Paul Jacek and my hair is still Shameless for a good reason! Watch the real dramedy of the Gallaghers starting October 2, but take a moment, right here and have a morning laugh with your coffee. Thank you Charles Hall for being part of our hollywood couple, in the valley.

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