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Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Time”

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Time is fleeting but also static. I saw so many people who I hadn’t in years and for the most part no time had past.

It gave me a great sense of stability, knowing this. In times of trouble, who can you turn to and you pick up exactly where you left off?

Who can you count on, in those dark times, to share laughter with you, to take the weight off your shoulders, to make the unbearable, bearable?

I am so grateful for all the love around me and for now the heart that felt empty is fuller.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Being Zen”

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Being in the Boston area, I am honored to be from this tough New England place. The woman behind the counter at Dunkin, doesn’t take crap from anyone and could care less, what kind of day I am having. I like that about this place. But what I like is that California has given me the room to become zen. There I learned how to meditate, take candlelight yoga, pause and reflect. Do I want a regula coffee while doing this, YES!!!

Being zen got me through the last week. But through the help of this Greatness challenge with Misha Henckel and working with healer Peter Bedard, I felt my mind matched my ease of my body. I was present for everything in the past weeks, some of it was tough, some of it amazing, some of it, was just life.

I don’t know everything, I learned that again during my time away. I wish I remembered this, back to one.

Greatness Challenge – Mary – “Unknown”

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I don’t do well, not knowing, it makes me nutty. I was with my cousin who is so much like me and we both agreed, we need control, we need our thumb on the pulse of it all. I don’t like handing things over to the universe, don’t like just sitting and not knowing. So what is helpful in the unknown? Stillness, Acceptance, Powerlessness, Being Present and Solace. Solace really hit me in the eyes, Almost a relief. I don’t know it all and I probably don’t want to know all of it. What I do know is I am exactly where I need to be in this moment and I don’t have all the answers.